Wednesday, April 8, 2009


1. Read a book
Now, they don’t say that books are your best friends for nothing! A good book with a cup of coffee can give you company for hours. Even if you are not much of a reader you can still indulge yourself into comics! Remember Archies, Tinkle, Garfield, Calvin &Hobbes.......

2. Pen down your random thoughts
Often when you are alone and away from near and dear ones, the solitude of time and space brings lot of thoughts in the head and it is the best time to introspect and write down your thoughts into a diary…..a certain memoir to keep! You will yourself be surprised when you read it again after a few years.

3. Go for a walk
What better to beat the solitude than being amongst people itself! A stroll by a beach, lake or in a park will cheer you up so much. At times just gazing at people, observing their activities can really take your blues away. And then, a breath of fresh air and a little bit of exercise will also give extra benefits!

4. Listen to your favorite music
Just put the CD on and play your song. It is probably the best time for you to listen to ‘your’ music and feel it completely. You can sing along aloud, you can groove with it in front of the mirror or you can simply close your eyes and feel the rhythm in your soul.

5. Solve a puzzle
Take a crossword, su-do-ku, brain-teasers -anything that interests you, and try solving it. Set your own deadlines and make your own rules. It is a great way to not just avoid boredom but also exercise the brain!

6. Experiment in the kitchen
Now, if you are a homemaker then you might not like this idea a lot but there is always a time when each of us want to experiment our own recipes. And what better time than this to test your culinary skills! Go ahead, mix and mash anything you feel like without any worries of what will your hubby/boyfriend/kids will eat if you mess it up! If you are a guy, well you might just impress your girl with a culinary innovation!

7. Watch a movie
Get a DVD from your local shop and enjoy a movie. A comedy is the best option but so is any other movie that you really have been wanting to watch in a long time but haven’t got a chance to do!

8. Pamper yourself
Go shopping! Join a hobby class.

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